Want A Job In Formula One? Marussia F1 is hiring!

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Marussia F1 Team has jobs in Formula 1

Jalopnik posted an article titled How To Get A Job In Formula One Right Now. Every boy- (and girl-) racer dreams at one point about working in Formula 1. Now is your chance to get a job with Marussia F1.

Jalopnik highlights one job, Partnership Manager, but if you head to the Monster job posting (Monster.com is one of their partners) you’ll see that they actually have (at the time of this posting) 20 available! Most of them are engineering type-positions, but there is also a position for an IT Support Technician that only requires 2 years of experience in a support position with Microsoft products.

If you apply and are hired by Marussia F1, please let them know that OctaneNation referred you!

Good luck!

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