Top Gear Defies Aston, drives $2M Aston Martin One-77

top-gear-drives-the-aston-martin-one-77-22Hugely popular Top Gear has gotten their hands on the 220 mph, $2M (£1.2M) limited edition (77 built) Aston Martin One-77.

Given its price tag and exclusivity, it’s not surprising that they had to fly to Dubai to drive it. Dubai after all is where owners will abandon Ferrari Enzo’s without raising an eyebrow.

As Top Gear explains the situation:

Aston Martin decreed that no journalist would drive a One-77 in any official capacity, the experience being for owners only, an exclusive adventure unsullied by description in the popular press, lest potential clients be ‘discouraged’ from purchase.

Aston Martin sold all 77 of the One-77’s, so maybe their strategy worked. Thankfully Top Gear has great friends (or friends of friends…) around the world willing to lend their prized possessions to the quirky British hosts.

A video of the preview can be seen here.

source: Top Gear Gear drives the Aston One-77 – BBC Top

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