Spy photos reveal turbocharged 2014 BMW M3

Exterior picture of 2014 BMW M3 turboAutoblog, thanks to some spy photos from Brenda Priddy & Co., has revealed some details about the 2014 BMW M3.

The photos appear to confirm that 2014 BMW M3 is moving away from the current high-revving (414 hp @ 8300 rpm, 8400 redline) V8 in favor of a twin-, or perhaps, tri-turbocharged I6. Previously Autoblog reported that the third turbocharger would be electrically powered, likely in a bid to eliminate turbo-lag and maintain the heralded BMW M driving dynamics.

Visible on the top of the engine is a heat exchanger, commonly referred to as an intercooler in automotive applications. There are two notable aspects in this application: dual entries and the fact it sits on top of the engine. The dual inlets lend evidence that there is more than one turbocharger, but depending on the configuration BMW has chosen, it doesn’t exclude the possibility of a 3rd turbocharger.

The position of the intercooler is noteworthy as it is not of the typical air-to-air variety, instead it uses a separate cooling system which necessitates another ‘mini’ radiator, reservoir, pump, hoses, etc. Plus it’s a heavy item on the top of the engine. Engineering a performance car always has conflicting goals and it appears that BMW felt that given the design constraints that an air-to-water intercooler was the best option.

Evolution dictates that the performance of the new M3 will exceed that of the old one, and rumors are that it will produce some 450 BHP. When the Ferrari F40 supercar was launched 25 years ago with 478 BHP, who would have thought that ‘affordable’ performance cars, with seating for 4 and almost 500 BHP, would be readily available?

As with the recent video of the McLaren MP4-12C, the M3 sounds surprisingly good for being turbocharged.

Progress indeed.


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