Shelby Daytona Coupe crashes at Laguna Seca

shelby daytona crash sequenceJalopnik is reporting that a Shelby Daytona Coupe crashed at Laguna Seca, taking part in activities as part of the Pebble Beach fesitivities. Chassis #2286 is said to be worth $4M…even though other original Daytona Coupes have sold for as much as $7.25M.

While this is significantly less than the $11M paid for a Ford GT40, it’s not the amount of money that ‘typical’ enthusiasts would be willing to risk on a track event. With a car so rare and valuable it would be almost impossible to ‘write-off’ as the remaining bits could be repaired and reassmebled just as was done in the past: men with tools and the ability to will metal into submission.

Photo credit to Dutch Mandel from Autoweek.