Santa’s custom car workshop

If Santa has an automotive workshop, he probably has a collection of custom cars something like the one seen here… A Ford RS200, capable of 0-60 mph in under 4 seconds in Group B Rally trim, this is an EVO edition with >500 BHP and 0-60 mph in 2-point-something), Ferrari 512S (3.0L 5.0L V12, 560 BHP), a custom Ultima GTR (heavily modified, including a BMW V12 and Porsche transaxle), a custom early Porsche 911, a Camaro from the original transam series, and a 1948 Delahay 148 (bought on eBay based on my tip after seeing it on Hooniverse). There are other several other cars in the collection including a custom Porsche 550 powered by a Hayabusa engine.

Which car would you like featured in greater detail in 2013?

(Click on the photos for a larger version. You can use the arrow keys to navigate left/right.)

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  1. All cars are very cool, what was the price for 1948 Delahaye 148.?