Rick Champagne of Arizona buys Batmobile. He knew it was his.

Rick Champagne buys Batmobile 548 pxWhen asked about his $4.2M purchase of the Batmobile from George Barris at the Barrett-Jackson auction, Champagne said “I knew it would be mine.”

If you put your mind to something, and in the this case your checkbook, in true Batman style Champagne shows that anything is possible.

Not much is known about Rick Champagne other than he lives in Arizona and plans to put the car in his living room. His approving wife was with him during the purchase so has already avoided any potential difficult discussions with his partner.

Rick Champagne is president of logistics company Champagne Logistics. No word was given how his new roll as Batman would affect his day job.

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  1. Little is known about how this guy hasn’t called one of his three daughters in Years, even though she is a combat veteran who suffers from Severe PTSD. Little is known about his mother living in a nursing home that he never visits. Little is known about the prostitutes and hookers he sleeps with. Little is known about a man who went from rags to riches and left behind his family for a reckless and selfish lifestyle. Way to go Rick! I hope that car keeps you warm at night, because there isn’t a soul alive who genuinely cares about you.
    I’ve been to this guy’s house. It’s nice. Too bad HE isn’t.

    • Agreed plus so much more. He isnt married surprise he met the woman from the car show days before. He is a nut job banging hookers to pass time. He is still madly in love with his ex fiancé of 5 years he recently separated with. Handle your business Omer lay of the drugs and booze, settle down and get your life back together. The grass isn’t so green on the other side apparently

  2. Can’t the guy just buy the batmobile and live happily ever after
    So now he s a bad guy that can take you for a ride in the batmobile