McLaren releases the 12C Can-Am Edition Racing ‘Concept’

McLaren and Can-Am. Two words that evoke memories of motorsports and performance. Inaugurated in 1966, the Can-Am series had little in the way of rules and led to the development of cars with over 1000 BHP, much more than modern Formula 1 cars.

McLaren GT, a separate entity within the McLaren Group, has announced a new model called the 12C Can-Am Edition that harks back to the glorious Can-Am series, though this time it is based on a production model instead of being a purpose-built racecar. It will debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Weekend.

Referring to it as only a concept, McLaren says that it is designed as an ‘ultimate track car’. As a track car, it does not have to conform to any governing body’s particular set of racing rules, as is the case with McLaren’s 12C GT3 racecar.

The 1972 McLaren M8F had a 510 cubic inch (8.4L) big block Chevy producing around 750 BHP, and with only 1850 lbs (840 kg) to carry, it had formidable performance. Owing to its production-car roots, the 12C Can-Am Edition has a power output of ‘up to 630 bhp’ and 2645 lbs (1200 kg). This is the most power 12C to-date and is destined for the North American market.

The 12C Can-Am edition shares its carbon fiber chassis with the road car as well as revised version of the 3.8L twin-turbo V8. Aerodynamics, something that was in its infancy during the original Can-Am series, has perhaps been the biggest advancement since early racing series, and the the Can-Am edition features an increase in downforce of 30%.

The new model comes in McLaren Orange, another homage to the original factory racecars. Pirelli slicks on black satin-finished forged aluminum wheels round out the racey-look.

Pricing was not announced.

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