Hyundai Netherlands Using Nipples and Buttocks to Promote 2013 Santa Fe

Jalopnik brought to light that Hyundai Netherlands is using a racy video by Fitzoy Amsterdam to promote the 2013 Santa Fe. The clip includes scenes of women gazing lustfully at the car, erect nipples poking through semi-transparent blouses and skirts being blown high in the air.

Jason Torchinsky describes it as

Seeing their latest ad, classily named Upskirt, is like decoding the MRI of a masturbating junior high boy and converting it into video.

[singlepic id=234 w=320 h=240 float=]Most concerning for us is the engine being pushed well past its 4500 RPM redline.



via Hyundai’s Amsterdam Ad Agency Must Be Run By Horny Teens.

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