Scary Daytona crash send fans to hospital

The story is still unfolding but a serious crash took place on the final lap of the Nationwide Series race at Daytona International Speedway that left several spectators injured. It is still early but it sounds like 14 fans were sent to local hospitals and 14 were treated on site. Two have been said to be in critical but stable condition; one is a juvenile.

The Daytona crash video can be seen here:

During the mayhem of the wreck, Kyle Larson’s racecar flew above the SAFER Barrier and crashed into the catch fence where pieces of his car became detached. One wheel/tire assembly and parts of the suspension flew into the crowd, and his engine was torn from the front of the car and was seen sitting at the base of the catch fence.

The track is currently being repaired with the expectation that tomorrow’s Daytona 500 will take place as originally planned. Danica Patrick won a historic pole position and will lead the start of the race.

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For those with a strong disposition Deadspin has a video taken by a fan right near where the wheel assembly landed. It was a very tense situation.

Stay safe out there.

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