Radical SR8 crashes: best bystander reaction ever?

Jalopnik found a video of a Radical SR8 being driven on a racetrack in Colombia where the driver has an off-track excursion. [The event confirms racecar physics, which dictates that cars speed up on grass.] The best part of the crash? The reaction of the infield work … [Read more...]

Should F1 drivers start by ice racing?

We are watching the first Formula 1 qualifying session of 2013 and several drivers, including world champion Louis Hamilton, had issues with staying on the racing surface. At the same time we are watching some amateurs in a Chevrolet Camaro and an E30 BMW M3 exhibiting some impressive car control on ice. Having a car with too much power for the … [Read more...]

Left Side Story: an amputee motorcyclist’s story

An amazing and inspirational story of a motorcyclist who doesn't let his lack of limbs slow him down. We all have something to learn from Alan Kempster. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNKuesBVmYs [P.S. You should join us today on OctaneNation.] … [Read more...]

Chevy ‘vette Ice Racing Video: slow, cold, fun

The Northern Alberta Sports Car Club kicks off its (approximately) 50th annual ice racing season this weekend, and we'd like to share a great little video of Chevrolet Chevette's dancing around the ice. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SHIrD3AhMc [P.S. You should join us today on OctaneNation.] … [Read more...]

Shelby Daytona Coupe crashes at Laguna Seca

Jalopnik is reporting that a Shelby Daytona Coupe crashed at Laguna Seca, taking part in activities as part of the Pebble Beach fesitivities. Chassis #2286 is said to be worth $4M...even though other original Daytona Coupes have sold for as much as $7.25M. While this is significantly less than the $11M paid for a Ford GT40, it's not the amount … [Read more...]

Shocking Crash at Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2012

Jeremy Foley and his co-driver, Yuri Kouznetsov, survived a horrific crash at Devil's Playground on Sunday. Follow this Youtube link to see the video. Stills from the video can be seen in this post. Foley was driving a Mitsubishi Evo 8. You can see parts flying off the car as it rolls down the steep embankment. At the end of the video the … [Read more...]