Video of how a differential works

Have you every wondered what exactly is going on in a differential? When turning, how is one wheel able to turn faster than the other? What are the limitations? How does a limited slip differential work, and are there drawbacks? This University of Toyota videos starts with the basics using some excellent graphical animations to show exactly … [Read more...]

Watch video of one-of-a-kind Bondurant drift tray being produced: 1 hour left to bid!

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind (technically one of two 'produced') piece of automotive memorabilia? The crew behind The Smoking TireĀ arranged for automotive legend Bob Bondurant to drift a front wheel drive Chevrolet Sonic. How does one go about drifting a front wheel drive car? Take two lunch trays, place under rear wheels, engage … [Read more...]

Kubica accident pictures: An Automotive Thanksgiving

What are you thankful for? Friends? Family? Perhaps health? Any of these are valid and very reasonable answers. Now lets perform a thought experiment and think about your answer from the perspective of an automotive enthusiast. As I write this I am caring for a family member that recently underwent knee surgery, so my immediate response was … [Read more...]