Brazilian Motorcycle Racer Banned for Fainting

One creative way to receive a ban from a championship: Pretend to faint on the track.

That’s what motorcycle racer Marlinton dos Reis Teixeira, also known as Kalunga, did at a recent Grand PrixMoto race.

Kalunga low-sided his motorcycle in the very wet conditions and slid along the pavement before stopping in the grass. He then proceeded to run back to his bike and unsuccessfully get it re-fired. Upon realizing that he wouldn’t be able to continue the race, he ran to the other side of the track and assumed a position that he thought would attract the attention of his fellow competitors. A full two minutes passed before any of them stopped to check on him, and a short while later medical staff arrived.

It wasn’t long before officials learned of the hoax and banned him from the race.

If you want to stop a race with a red flag make sure there aren’t cameras filming your every move.

via 3 News NZ via Brazilian Motorcycle Racer Banned after Pretending to Faint (Video).

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