Watch video of one-of-a-kind Bondurant drift tray being produced: 1 hour left to bid!

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind (technically one of two ‘produced’) piece of automotive memorabilia? The crew behind The Smoking Tire arranged for automotive legend Bob Bondurant to drift a front wheel drive Chevrolet Sonic.

How does one go about drifting a front wheel drive car? Take two lunch trays, place under rear wheels, engage emergency brake, drive. That’s how this drift tray was created. Bondurant bested the time set by Formula Drift drive Corey Hosford during the competition.

There’s one hour left in the eBay auction and at the time of writing it has been bid up to $114.95.

Bob Bondurant Drifting a front wheel drive Chevy Sonic



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