Final SCTA El Mirage Land Speed Race event of 2012

This automotive gearhead finally managed to make the pilgrimage to one of the longest running amateur event in the US. Organized by the Southern California Timing Association, they hold 6 events at the El Mirage Dry Lake bed every year, and have been at it for more than 50 years.

Some 15 years ago I had plans to buy a 1.0 L Geo Metro turbo or Pontiac Firefly turbo (Canada-only models perhaps?) and set a world record. There was, and maybe still is, a weak record as the <1.0L turbo/supercharged class had a lower record than the naturally aspirated <1.0L class… But I digress.

I finally made it to a land speed event but without a record-breaking vehicle. Instead, I had my trusty Canon 60D and tried to capture the essence of the event in photos and videos. Below is a photo gallery of what I saw at the event, and some videos will soon follow.


[P.S. You should join us today on OctaneNation.]