1968 Shelby EXP 500 (The Green Hornet) bid to $1.8M

Shelby EXP 500 known as the "The Green Hornet"

Front 3/4 view

The Shelby EXP 500, known as the “The Green Hornet”, was a factory prototype that thankfully escaped the typical ending of the era: being crushed and recycled for scrap. Sporting a 390 V8 and C6 automatic transmission, it was exhibited in car shows before becoming a platform for experimental modifications including independent rear suspension, rear disc brakes and Conelec fuel injection.

At the Barrett-Jackson auction, the bidding soared to $1.8M but did not meet reserve. Is this a record for a Ford Mustang? Additional pictures below.

Source: Barrett-Jackson

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  1. It did not meet the selfish, egotistical Craig Jackson’s “reserve.” This man has made tens of millions over the years from the buying public to support his lifestyle. You’d think he could have let this car go to the highest bidder. $1.8 million was plenty for that car. A few years ago, there was no reserve, and buyers had to settle for what they got. I hope no one went crawling up to him and offered more.