When it comes to crashes, trees always win

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLVyRAt2cxbxtViOHSIILpnTN4yILg7yLh&v=1cfcJG5WqzQ … [Read more...]

Thrilling Goodwood Revival Whitsun Trophy race | Onboard Chinook CanAm car

Sit back and enjoy Saturday's Whitsun Trophy race from the Goodwood Revival from the perspective of a 1966 Chinook Mk2 CanAm car. Watch the drag race start and oversteer at 100+ mph. Thrilling stuff! http://youtu.be/_g5_vzksOiE … [Read more...]

2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28: ready to attack the track

Today Chevrolet released pictures and details of the track orientated 2014 Camaro Z/28 at the New York Auto Show. The exterior has been redesigned to provide improved stability and cooling at high speeds. The Z/28 model name harkens back to the 302 cubic inch (5.0 L) 1967 Camaro which was introduced to participated in the SCCA Trans-Am 2 … [Read more...]

Video of how a differential works

Have you every wondered what exactly is going on in a differential? When turning, how is one wheel able to turn faster than the other? What are the limitations? How does a limited slip differential work, and are there drawbacks? This University of Toyota videos starts with the basics using some excellent graphical animations to show exactly … [Read more...]

Radical SR8 crashes: best bystander reaction ever?

Jalopnik found a video of a Radical SR8 being driven on a racetrack in Colombia where the driver has an off-track excursion. [The event confirms racecar physics, which dictates that cars speed up on grass.] The best part of the crash? The reaction of the infield work … [Read more...]

Should F1 drivers start by ice racing?

We are watching the first Formula 1 qualifying session of 2013 and several drivers, including world champion Louis Hamilton, had issues with staying on the racing surface. At the same time we are watching some amateurs in a Chevrolet Camaro and an E30 BMW M3 exhibiting some impressive car control on ice. Having a car with too much power for the … [Read more...]

Turbo Hamsters

Watch these hamsters overboost their wheel to the soundtrack of a turbo Toyota 2JZ. Maybe someone fed them too much NOS Energy Drink. http://youtu.be/DhIVtGS3-dk [P.S. You should join us today on OctaneNation.] … [Read more...]

Video of top gear helicopter crash passes 14M views

Top Gear Korea was filming their own car (Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1) vs helicopter (Cobra AH-1) race and things went terrible wrong for one of the machines. The helicopter was making a maneuver at the end of the race and came down hard on the ground next to the runway. Thankfully neither pilot nor anyone else was seriously injured. As … [Read more...]

Ford Capri with Cosworth V6: how to not dyno an engine

The car sounded a bit off right from the beginning but these guys in Finland didn't let it stop them from continuing to make pulls on their Rototest dyno. A very ugly engine knock can be heard around the 3:00 minute mark after the engine returns to idle. They make another pull and the engine knock quickly becomes a death rattle and they shut things … [Read more...]

Audi connect – the new dimension of driving pleasure?

Audi showcased their "Piloted Driving" concept at CES and while the ability to press a button and have your car drive off and find a parking spot is interesting, it's not exactly what we first think of when told the words "driving pleasure". Has Audi (marketing) lost the plot or is it just a way to distance themselves from The Ultimate Driving … [Read more...]